Artificial intelligence in the workplace has demonstrated its worth repeatedly and is still a hot topic in industry talks. However, there are still a lot of unanswered concerns around the ethics, veracity, and dependability of employing AI, as well as whether or not we should even contemplate integrating AI into our professional processes.

According to a poll, AI is already being used by many smaller businesses and C-Suite personnel for a wide range of jobs, including idea development, social media copy, outline creation, and much more. According to the survey, over half of PR professionals are still concerned about the lack of regulation surrounding AI-generated material and how it will affect upcoming PR professionals, demonstrating the continued relevance of AI in the PR sector. We discovered seven ways PR professionals are and should be using AI with the aid of the survey: 

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1. To come up with ideas for pitches

 According to a poll, 57% of PR professionals presently utilize AI to create proposals. Additionally, brands are more likely than agencies to use this AI capability. Artificial intelligence (AI) technology could facilitate idea generation by generating several campaign concepts. Creating a brief outline with key themes that the PR expert can add to or remove would also be helpful for pitch outlines. 

2. To help with press release drafting

48% of PR professionals, according to the report, plan to write press releases using AI. Once more, AI can help professionals generate ideas for press releases and then assist in creating an outline or rough copy that you can subsequently refine and build upon using your professional knowledge. 

3. To help with copywriting for social media

48% of PR professionals use AI to compose the social text that goes with their social media posts. You can choose the kind of duplicate you want to create using some AI systems. PR professionals are making the most of the social posts’ function by providing the AI algorithm with a brief description of their intended social media post along with the kind of material they are presently producing. 

4. To locate original and beneficial research

Additionally, according to the report, 44% of PR professionals currently use AI for research. By answering basic inquiries like “What’s the history behind the PR industry? PR experts hope to utilize this capability well into the future.

5. To make plans and strategies

AI can help with research, outlines, and list-building; in fact, 25% of PR professionals use AI in their strategy and planning to eliminate these little, tedious chores. 

6. To locate reporters

In addition, 21% of PR professionals use AI to locate journalists with whom to engage and make a pitch, according to the poll.

7. Create visuals that go along with the text. 

Finally, 10% of PR professionals create visuals for their material using AI. You would need to make sure that a disclaimer was included to the content’s viewers if you were to utilize AI to generate visuals. It is immoral to use AI to fully alter or produce an image without telling the readers or viewers of your material of this. However, your business might benefit from this if the proper disclaimers are included. 

Throughout our careers in the PR sector, we as professionals will see the ongoing adaptation and evolution of AI technology. In order to work in the business more effectively and create the greatest content possible for our clients, experts like us should be able to take advantage of both present and future AI characteristics. 

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